Bishop Fleming is a leading accountancy firm with a long history of working alongside ambitious businesses.

The majority of our clients work with us because they want to grow and we’re able to help them do it. We start off doing belt and braces financial work and over time trust develops, the work becomes more complex and our role becomes more consultative. It’s all very natural.

So why did you set this up?

Bishop Fleming Accounting Solutions is designed for clients who want an efficient cloud accounting service. They may just want the basics done well, however, as their business grows they may want the option of deeper financial analysis of their business to help them reach their goals.

We spent a lot of time speaking to clients about their attitudes to accounting, the pressures they’re under running their businesses and why they’d decided to work with us.

We found that driving their decisions were five key attitudes towards managing their business finances:

1. They’d rather be running their business

2. They don’t have the time

3. They don’t want to get it wrong

4. They find it boring

5. They didn’t grow up wanting to be an accountant

Sound familiar? For a lot of people it’s totally normal. Jumping through financial hoops isn’t why you set up your business, it’s a necessary evil. but in the modern world there’s no reason for it to be painful.

That’s why we set up Bishop Fleming Accounting Solutions. It’s designed to do all your financial housekeeping, with complete transparency, at an affordable cost – so you don’t have to.

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