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Small Business Accouting FAQs

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We’ve answered the most common questions below, but if you have anything else you’d like to ask you can give us a call now, or book a call for a later date.

What cloud accounting software do we use?

We use Xero as the ‘engine’ for Bishop Fleming Accounting Solutions.

Xero is a cloud accounting service that allows you to securely access your accounts data from any device with an internet connection. It also comes with supporting apps for mobile and tablet devices and is totally “live”, allowing us to connect with you and support your business with the click of a button.

How does this really benefit me?

Bishop Fleming Accounting Solutions has been designed to give business owners the best of both worlds. You get access to our wealth of financial expertise, as well as the latest user-friendly technology. This does two things:

• Gives you the confidence that your regulatory returns are being properly dealt with, and
• Increases efficiency – meaning you can get on with running your business

I don’t even want to do the accounts; can’t you just do everything?

Yes, we can. The service can be tailored to you. We’ll chat that through with you at the outset so you’re getting the right service for you and your business.

Where are the hidden fees?

There aren’t any. Bishop Fleming Accounting Solutions is a fixed fee product. Prices are clarified up front and anything that falls outside the core package is identified at the outset.

Can my computer handle this?

Yes. As this is a cloud based accounting service all you need is a secure internet connection.

Can I transfer data from my old system?

Probably, but it will depend on the system you’re using. Data can be transferred into Xero from the following systems:

• Quickbooks
• Sage Line 50
• Sage One

Can I keep my old chart of accounts?

Ideally we will be standardising your chart of accounts so it integrates with our accounting system, saving us time and you money. However, If this is a deal-breaker then just let us know.

Is Xero easy to use?

Xero is known for being a user friendly system. It has multiple training videos and guides you can access, however we can provide any other support you may need.

What training do you offer?

Our training is tailored to the roles and responsibilities of you and your team. It can be delivered through online videos, remote access or one-to-one sessions.

What if I need help after the training sessions?

No problem. We’re still here to help. If you have a specific issue, we can log in and view the live data. If you want to do some digging yourself then Xero has a dedicated help page that contains videos, user forums and tutorials.

Is this a 24/7 service?

No. While you’ll be able to access Xero 24/7, the team here at Bishop Fleming Accounting Solutions will be available during office hours Monday-Friday.

What does HMRC have to say about Xero?

Xero is fully HMRC accredited for VAT and Payroll, including RTI compliance.

Will my data be secure?

Xero is protected by industry leading security software, including firewalls and intrusion protections systems, all of which are continually monitored and updated according to industry practice.

Do I need to take back ups?

Nope. Xero does this daily for you.

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